Robot Name: Pint Sized Chaos

Weight Class: Feather weight (30 lbs)

Dimensions: 16" square base, 3" tall

Weapon:8" Vertical spinning disk

Drive train: 4 - 12 volt DC motors;

Framing: .25" in aluminum plate

Armor: .25" polycarbonate skins

Design: Dual wedges with the disk in the middle makes attacking just a matter of raming the other bot with the wedges. Since the disk is protected and centered gyroscopic effect is reduced.

Read the build blog for this robot here:Total Insanity - combat robotics central:



Robot Name: Tetracide

Weight Class: Heavy Weight (220 lbs)

Dimensions: 42" Equilateral Triangular base, 14" tall

Weapon: Three Pneumatic Powered Flippers

Drive train: 2 - 24volt DC motors; 1.4 HP total

Framing: 1 inch steel square stock

Armor: 14 gauge hot rolled steel plate

Design: The Triangular construction and flipper location makes it difficult to score a successful attack without the distinct possibility of the attacking robot being flipped